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AUKUS Allies


The Hon Tony Abbott

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott on ‘AUKUS Allies as the Moscow-Beijing-Tehran Axis Emerges

English-Speaking Union NSW Branch along with the International Churchill Society and the Australians for Constitutional Monarchy present:

Special Guest Speaker, the Hon Tony Abbott

Thursday 5 May
5:00-7:30 PM
NSW Parliament House Theatrette

AUKUS is the trilateral security pact between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States announced in September 2021. Under the pact, the US and the UK will help Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines.

The pact also includes cooperation on ‘cyber capabilities, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies and additional undersea capabilities’. The pact will focus on military capability, separating it from the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance that also includes New Zealand and Canada.

The Hon Tony Abbott AC, 28th Prime Minister of Australia

During his time as Prime Minister (2013 to 2015), the carbon tax and mining tax were repealed, free trade agreements were finalised with China, Japan and Korea; the people smuggling trade from Indonesia to Australia was halted; the most significant federally-funded infrastructure program in Australian history commenced, and Australia hosted the G20 meeting of global leaders in Brisbane in November 2014.

Tony Abbott served as member for Warringah in the Australian parliament between 1994 and 2019. As the local MP, he was instrumental in the creation of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust to preserve the natural and built heritage of his electorate and elsewhere.

Abbott was born in London, England, to an Australian mother and a British father and moved to Sydney at two. He studied economics and law at the University of Sydney and then attended The Queen’s College, Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar, studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Before entering parliament, Abbott was a journalist with The Australian, a senior adviser to opposition leader John Hewson, and Executive Director of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy

He is the author of three books: The Minimal Monarchy (1995), How to Win the Constitutional War (1997), and Battlelines (2009).

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